Africa Twin and Gen2 hi/low

Here are the install notes using the D7 kit as the example;
(see 5.2)
Using the 3 position switch would be the path of least resistance if you are wanting to have the dual intensity. Actually, running these lights as single intensity would be the path of least resistance since there would be no need to tap anything or buy extra items.

Here is the link to the needed Data-Dim of ours if you want the lights to have a High/Low function. Without this, the lights are just on High all the time.

Now, if you are electrically savoy, there are ways to get the dual intensity kit using the Data-Dim to work with your native Honda switches, but it would take some extra work to get it done. I detail that below.

* The Africa twin is ground switched. However the physical high beam switch (on the handlebar) is positive switched. The signal can be grabbed from there to trigger the data-dim for high intensity. The issue isn't low voltage, rather the issue is that some LED headlights are ground switched rather than positive switched. Meaning there is no 12v+ signal available. If this is the case, the 12v- signals can be converted to a 12v+ signal using a relay.


Over in the UK, there is a kit;

A-Twin riders would  need to use 08V04-MJP-G50 OEM, here is an example link
It is not plug and play. It would need some splicing to make work.
Here is an ADVrider thread on it;

CRF1100L = base a-twin
CRF1100L4 = base w/DCT
CRF1100L4D = a-twin ADVsport
CRF1100LD = ADVsport w/DCT

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