State inspection hassle

Regarding annual bike inspections....Some states will require fog lights or any auxiliary light to be automatically switched off when the OEM high beam is toggled on. Depending on how our Denali light kits get electively wired onto the bike will perhaps dictate this need if their state inspector is requiring this compliance to get registration for the year.

Bikes with dual LED headlights, the high beam headlight comes on in addition to the low beam. This means that the low beam stays illuminated when Hi-beam is triggered. With this being the case, the only way that you can wire in and auto-off function would be with a separate 5 pin relay. Three possible solutions:
1. Go to a different inspection station 
2. Remove the light pods and get the bike inspected
3. Wire in a 5 pin relay using the following diagram and spade connectors: It is crucial that you first confirm that the positive Hi-Beam wire carries 12v or this will not work. Also, with these being LED headlights, it will be best for you to follow the Hi-Beam wire from the actual handlebar switch and not the back of the headlight. Depending on how the wiring is set up on your bike, it would be very difficult for you to find the correct wire from the back of the headlight. Note what wire it is, ie. white wire with a red you can easily identify it on another part of the bike.

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