Automotive Soundbomb installation

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Yes! These Soundbomb horns are absolutely fine to run in the autos. I've been using one on my jeep for the last 6 years without issue. I pass them out for presents and install them out in their driveway while they are looking the other way, lol.  There is no bolt on application specific for your auto that I can send out. BUT... that's not to say it can't get done....below are some links I would roll with. 
Here is a link to the wire harness that would be needed to power the horn. Your stock, OEM horn harness is not putting out the 20+ amps needed to operate these soundbomb horns. So you would need this connected right to the battery.
Here are the  install notes. The illustrations are showing motorcycles, but pay that no mind...
(see 3.2 for automotive use)

These horns will often mount easily along the firewall or front radiator area. If you are not seeing an obvious location to mount up, you can also fab something up if needed.
- Here is the link to the 2 piece, split version of the horn...sometimes it seems easier to mount two smaller items vs one larger unit;

- Here is a link to the mounting options for universal applications;

I hope this helps!

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