Kaoko Throttle Control Custom/New fitment

See image below for a start of the needed information of a custom or new Kaoko throttle control fitment. Ideally we need the following information if you could not locate a fitment on our site or  Kaoko's website

  • Keep in mind that Kaoko does not have or recommend throttle controls on machines with engines smaller than 500 cc's.
  • Bike Year/Make/Model (include special editions or sub-models)
  • Are the handlebars original? If the bars are not original, what Make and Model are the bars? 
  • Is the bike equipped with heated or any kind of aftermarket grips?
  • Any pictures of the exposed throttle side handlebar is helpful in addition to the 3 required measurements in the diagram below.

Here is what Kaoko asks:

To determine what KAOKO products you require, please supply the below information and images.

1. your throttle assembly with bar weight fitted (if you bike has bar weights) 

2. your throttle assembly with bar weight removed 

3. your bar weight removed from the motorcycle 

4. photo taken at 90 degrees (side on) of your handle bar tubes with bar weight removed 

5. photo taken at 180 degrees (straight on – looking into your handle bar tubes) of your handle bar tubes with your bar weight removed.

Measurements – please be accurate and use a Vernier or digital caliper:
• Handle Bar Internal Diameter (ID) • Handle Bar Outside Diameter (OD) • Specification of OEM bar weight fastener / bolt

On receipt of the above information I will advise what product will be suitable for your bike and specific throttle / hand guard assembly.
If we do not have a stock / shelf product item available we will then quote on the practicality and cost of a custom development.

Here is the latest fitments per JE 3/05/2019;


Washer Chart; https://app.slack.com/client/TCX2HUZHD/CCW010YVA / Alternative Link

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