Denali B6/DRL/T3 and truck/jeep installation

For Denali use on trucks or vehicles with installed receiver hitches, remember the towing packages will have the trailer light connector we can use for easier trigger wire placement.  This will keep you from having to open the light assembly on some vehicles and it will be easier to work on. 

The flat 4 pin connectors will have L and R turns, running, and brake. This gives you both switched power and turn signal/brake power.
The round 6 pin connector will also provide backup light trigger and constant power.
Using the posi-taps, place the taps proximal to the distal truck side connector where its easiest to reach/service. Then run the 22AWG to the length needed for permanent pod placement using the posi-connects.
Best practice is to secure the posi-pieces with either electrical tape or heated shrink wrap.

It may be worth noting for T3s, 4 pin trailer plugs do not differentiate brake and turn signal. Meaning you will likely set up red signals (as opposed to amber brakes)

6 and 7 pins do differentiate signal.

*may cause a towing indicator light on the dash on some vehicles. Usually this can be reset on demand by the operator. 

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