Connecting Heated Seat Elements and heated items

That heated seat element can be powered by the CANsmart. Also heated grips/clothing. 

Corbin seat install notes for reference;
I took a guess on the front seat only. But if you got the full front/rear seat, same principle applies.
Looks like that front seat only kit is only using about 7.5 amps...that is low enough to use the CANsmart to power it fully. It would really be no different than running another set of lights as far as power draw goes. 
See 6.9 on the install notes, and just realize it could be a heated seat, grips, or heated clothing,
You will need to adjust the amp level on the circuit you choose to use for the heated seat and use our connectors or make your own quick-disconnects to wire the heated clothing to the CANsmart. 

Connecting Seargent Heated Seat to CANsmart Instructions on HS 961274

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