How to change locks on Givi V47/V46

What follows is step-by-step instructions on how to replace/re-key the locks for the Givi V47 Top Case.

1) The items above are the basically all that's required to change the lock. The Givi SL101 also includes locking rings. Note the round ring (A) pictured below is for the V47. The V46 requires part B. There are already included in the Top Case when purchased.

2) This is the view inside the top box, looking at the back side of the lock. Remove the four screws pictured and the front lock assembly panel is free.

Note the four holes left by removing the screws. The rectangular opening is the lock that attaches to the Monokey Adaptor plate on the bike. 

3) We're only concerning ourselves with the nut and assembly circled in red. Be careful not to activate the locking mechanism above as it will get your heart rate going when it springs to life!

Side view of the assembly. This is in the locked position. Circled in red is a small spring. It isn't under enough pressure to fly out when you disassemble the lock. Just make sure it doesn't fall out. It references with detents on the back side of the locking ring. You'll see it in a few photos. Also note the waterproof grease I applied previously to where the locking ring interfaces with the lock. It really helped to smooth the locking action and removal of the case. NOTE: do NOT apply any grease or oil to the lock cylinder itself! Graphite powder is recommended if you have a sticky key. The following pictures will show the action of the locking ring when unlocking from the locked position. 

4) Fully unlocked.  Remove the nut and washer behind it. 10mm socket required. Once the lock and washer is removed, push the threads at the end of the lock cylinder away from you if it does not fall out freely. 

This side of the locking ring is the side that goes against the lock cylinder. The square shape is what the lock cylinder uses to turn the lock assembly. If this is not matched up and the cylinder is not fully seated against the ring upon reinstallation, the lock will not function. Circled in red is the aforementioned detents that the spring extends into.

This is the outside of the lock panel. The button on the left is what unlocks the lid. The black cylinder is the collar that you install the lock cylinder into. It is keyed and can only be inserted the correct way.  

5) Reinsert the new cylinder and hold in place while reattaching the locking ring, washer and nut. It's easier if you turn the key to the unlocked position and put the ring on. The ring should be horizontal as shown in the locked position image previously shown. Don't forget to put the case removal button (shown at the bottom of the above image) in the hole prior to fitting the locking ring. Use a very small amount of medium strength (blue) threadlocker on the threads.

Realign the completed lock panel on the front and reuse the four screws on the inside of the case. Note the screws are just self tapping screws, and they go into plastic. Do not overtighten!

The V46 operates the same way and is completed in the same manner. There are only two screws holding the panel on from the inside of the case, and the locking ring is different. 

This is the V46 lock assembly. Very similar to the V47. This is fully locked, fully unlocked is shown below.

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