Kaoko Info Request

Thank you for your email and interest in our products.
We have yet to have access to the **BIKE DETAILS** but there is a chance that one of our existing items
might be suitable.
To determine what KAOKO product you require, please supply the below information and images.
1.           your throttle assembly with bar weight fitted (if your bike has bar weights)
2.           your throttle assembly with bar weight removed
3.           your bar weight removed from the motorcycle
4.           photo taken at 90 degrees (side on) of your handlebar tubes with bar weight removed
5.           photo taken at 180 degrees (straight on – looking into your handlebar tubes) of your handlebar
tubes with your bar weight removed.
Measurements – please be accurate and use a Vernier caliper:
 Handlebar Internal Diameter (ID)
 Handlebar Outside Diameter (OD)
 Specification of OEM bar weight fastener/bolt
On receipt of the above information, I will advise what product will be suitable for your bike and specific
throttle/handguard assembly.
If we do not have a stock/shelf product item available, we will then quote on the practicality and cost
of custom development.

Thank you

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