Aftermarket Grips

KAOKO™ Throttle Stabilizer Products and Aftermarket Heated Grips(Regular Aftermarket Un-heated grips included) 


KAOKO products are designed to fit motorcycles in OEM condition.  

Considering this, KAOKO Throttle Stabilizers are designed to be suitable for fitting to most Motorcycles  with OEM heated grips and regular OEM standard grips (un-heated). 

OEM grips, whether heated or not, are part of KAOKO’s design variables for the specific motorcycle and  KAOKO product. 

General Information and Advise - Aftermarket Grips (heated or un-heated)

KAOKO products are not specifically designed for use with aftermarket brands of grips. 

Saying this, KAOKO products are commonly fitted in conjunction with some brands of aftermarket grips,  whether heated or not. The onus rests upon the user to determine whether the final assembly of any  KAOKO product, fitted with OEM or any Aftermarket Product, is proper and safe. 

Guidelines for fitting KAOKO™ Throttle Stabilizers to bikes with Aftermarket Grips (heated or un-heated)

1. Ensure that the Aftermarket Grips are the same length as the OEM grip length. Many  aftermarket grips can be trimmed to OEM grip length.  

a. The details of these specified trim lengths can be obtained from the manufacturer b. Specified trim lengths are particularly important to know when trimming Heated Grips 2. On final assembly, ensure that the Aftermarket Grips are fitted to the throttle sleeve: a. In the same position as the OEM grips (or at least within the OEM specified fitment  range) 

b. Follow all Aftermarket Grip Installation Instructions

Oxford Heated Grips – guideline on trim length

Oxford product OF696Z (Sports Model) 

  • Determined from the knurled finish on the grips. 
  • The suggested trim line on the sports model is 120mm 
  • However, it looks as though these grips could in fact be trimmed to 112mm, but KAOKO cannot  guarantee that this will not affect the heated elements inside the grips
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