Aftermarket Products/Accessories

KAOKO Throttle Stabilizers & Aftermarket Products / Accessories

1. Handlebars 

a. Heli Bars  

i. Generally produced to match OEM specifications in ID and OD – yet some HELI Bars are  tapered, or have a different taper to the OEM bars, which can cause a complication for  KAOKO controls that locate to ID (example HDTC, SUZ100, LSL13.75 etc.) 

ii. Customer must confirm same with KAOKO. 

b. Aftermarket aluminium bars  

i. Generally produced to 22 /22.2mm OD and 13.75/14.2mm ID.  

ii. This ID varies between manufacturers; - onus rests on customer to accurately confirm  their ID and OD with KAOKO. 

iii. Manufacturers with approx. 14mm ID per above include - 

1. LSL 

2. Pro-Taper 

3. Spiegler 

4. Magura 

5. Renthal 

6. Rizoma etc. 

2. Hand Guards 

a. If hand guards fit to OEM bar end weight, then they will fit to KAOKO™ Throttle Stabilizer.  i. KAOKO products are manufactured close to OEM bar end weight specifications in mass,  appearance, and dimensions. 

ii. Example brands:  


2. some ACERBIS models,  

3. some CYCRA models,  

4. some Barkbusters models  

(NOTE specific SKU’s for Barkbusters / SW-Motech hand guards) 

b. Customers with Aftermarket Hand Guards need to provide KAOKO with as much information as  possible for KAOKO to offer a suggestion which of its products will be suitable in conjunction with  the aftermarket hand guards. 

3. Bar End Mirrors & Replacement bar end weights & Aftermarket Grips 

a. Same criteria required as detailed above. 

b. Aftermarket grips (heated & unheated)

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