KAOKO Throttle Stabilizers OEM fitting complications

KAOKO Throttle Stabilizers OEM fitting complications

1) OEM Handlebar ID variances on certain models. 

a) Detailed notes on website/alpha documents. 

b) Onus rests on customer to check their ID before ordering. 

i) KAOKO Control Spigot diameter > handlebar ID 


(1) De-burr at end of handlebars? 

(2) Dremel / round file – increase ID to fit KAOKO stem & wedge nut? 

(3) Some SKU’s have alternate product: 

(a) Eg. SUZ100 vs. SUZ100-16.8  

(b) SUZ400 vs SUZ400-16.8 

ii) Handlebar ID > expanded diameter of KAOKO Spigot & Wedge Nut / Expansion Nut  Solutions: 

(1) Supply correct / alternate product if available (eg. HDTC vs HDTC-0.8) 

(2) Shimming existing assembly (eg. Copper) 

2) Binding on final assembly with OEM products with: 

a) A “Pinned “Throttle Assembly; - cannot be repositioned along handlebars. 

i) Insert spacers where possible  

ii) KAOKO to provide specific guidance since each fitting complication may be unique  iii) Alternative thrust washers specified if possible – KAOKO to provide specific guidance since each  fitting complication may be unique  

b) The KAOKO Throttle Stabilizer final assembly cannot be adjusted to resolve fitting complication i) Hollow handlebars allow adjustable / varied KAOKO fitting.  

ii) These KAOKO products are secured by means of an expansion nut, or wedge nut; - which expands to  lock up against the ID of the handlebars.  

iii) Example: 

(1) SUZ100,  

(2) SUZ400,  

(3) HDTC etc.

3) The Handlebars have threaded inserts and so do not allow varied KAOKO Throttle Stabilizer assembly  positions.  

Final assembly of KAOKO Control must be adjusted with spacers / washers where binding occurs. Example: a) M16 copper washers for YAMSTAR & YAMLINER 

b) M8 bright washers on CCF100 and CCF800 

c) M6 bright washers on YAM500 

d) M12 bright washers on CCF400 & CCF400-08

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