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The Team Twisted Reward Points Program allows you to earn points for every purchase you make on our website, as well as on certain actions you take on the website. Twisted Points are redeemable towards the cost of future purchases from or even via our Canadian website, It's just one of the ways we like to say "I love you."

In order to start earning Twisted Points, you need to register at Hey... even love has rules!

Twisted Points Exchange Rates

100 Twisted Points are worth $1 USD toward your next order. Twisted Points can only be used towards a purchase and have no cash value.

Earning Twisted Points

Twisted Points can currently be earned for the following actions:

  • Registering on our website — You earn 100 Twisted Points when you create a login on our site. It's easy free stuff.
  • Making purchases on our website — You earn 5 Twisted Points for every $1 you spend. In other words, you earn 5% back on every web purchase. Points are credited to your account upon shipment of your complete order.

Note that you cannot earn Twisted Points while redeeming points, just like how you don't earn airline miles when you use them to purchase a flight. For example, if your points bring a $100 item down to $50, you'll earn points on the $50 portion of the purchase only. However, if you pay cash or credit for the entire $100, you'll earn 500 points.

Points apply to website orders only; some sale items as well as retail phone orders, factory store orders, wholesale orders and scratch & dent orders do not earn points. Points you earn while making a purchase can only be redeemed for a subsequent transaction. Points are earned only after items are invoiced and shipped; they are not available for backordered or as-yet unshipped items.

*Brands excluded from Twisted Points accrual:

Moose Racing
RAM Mounts

Redeeming Twisted Points

When logged in, you can view and redeem your Twisted Points on the cart and checkout pages. On the cart page, you can see points available to apply to your purchase. During checkout, you can use available points as a payment method. Twisted Points can be used in combination with other payment methods such as credit cards, PayPal, and gift cards. You cannot use your Twisted Points for telephone or showroom orders. Only one redemption will be processed per transaction. You cannot redeem more Twisted Points than the dollar value of your purchase, and no cash back will be provided on points redemptions. The points you redeem are deducted from your account in the order that they were earned. Any remaining points in your account can be redeemed later.

Twisted Points Maximum

The maximum value of Twisted Points you can have at any one time is 200,000 (i.e., $2,000). If you currently have this many points, you will need to redeem some Twisted Points before you can earn more. What are you waiting for?

Twisted Points Expiration

Like all good things in your fridge, Twisted Points expire one year from the date on which they were first credited to your account.


In the event of a return, payments of points will be refunded in points. If your original order was partially paid for with points, all points originally redeemed will be credited back prior to providing any refunds to other forms of payment.

Managing My Twisted Points

From your Customer Account, you can view your total points and currency equivalent, as well as a cumulative history of points acquired, redeemed, and expired. You can also sign up to receive email notifications of Twisted Points balance changes and Twisted Points expiration notifications.

Why didn't I earn points on my purchase from a long time ago in a galaxy far far away?

We released our points program July 1, 2013. Only purchases made on or after this date are eligible to earn points. 

What else should I know?

We reserve the right to change the Program Rules, including the point reward structure or levels, fees, point accrual criteria or redemption criteria at any time without notice.

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