Will the M7 or M5 fit?

M5 and M7 fitment ID

We should encourage customers to look at the inside of their headlight bucket to see what type of sealed beam their bike has. There is only one particular headlight assembly style that will definitely not work with our module without an adapter bracket. This incompatible headlight style can be easily identified by removing the headlight housing outer ring and taking a peak at the assembly inside.  If the sealed beam has flanges molded into it than our module will not fit without an adapter bracket. In general if the sealed beam does not have flanges it can be removed from the assembly and directly replaced with our module.

The instructions do illustrate the 3 headlight assembly styles that are compatible. We do mention the one style that is not compatible in the text but did not illustrate it. Attached is a photo of an example of the standard and incompatible sealed beam portion of the headlight assembly.  Note that the sealed beam to the right has flanges molded into it making it not direct swap-able to our product while the sealed beam to the left is a standard sealed beam and can be direct swapped for the DENALI one. As illustrated in the instructions the standard sealed beams are held in place by a series of ring clamps and or brackets depending on the headlight style but regardless of the assembly if it has a standard 5.75" or 7" sealed beam the DENALI product will be a direct swap.
*If the customer has a flat 4 pin Harley lamp, use DNL.WHS.10300
*No fitment for BMW R Nine T
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Here is the link to the headlamps for reference;
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