Wiring Denali lights to Gen1 HEX ezCAN

When wiring any Denali Auxiliary lights to the Gen1 HEX ezCan: 

1. Do not use the main Denali harness/controller/switch.  

2. On the Denali harness, cut the connector on the relay/controller end of the EXTENSION  leaving the light pod and associated power lead (including connector plug)intact. (on dual intensity kits, the third signal wire of the extension (green, white, yellow) is unused. Cover and secure it with electrical tape or something similar)  

3. Connect the ezCan adapter leads to the Denali extension wires pairing black-to-black and the red wire from the Denali extension to the corresponding color of the assigned lighting circuit as programmed in the ezCan programming interface. (The pigtails included with the ezCan and the output leads are color-coded to match the corresponding color of the circuits in the programming interface. black/red, black/orange, black/white, black/yellow.)

If the EZ can does not already have the connectors pictured below its a GEN I versions.
Not to worry if so, everything will still work just need to swap the connectors. Now to throw another wrench in the plan, there are two versions of the GEN I EZ can, a three wire version and a two wire version. Depending on which model you do have, the wiring will be a little different.

Three Wire:
If you device has three wires going out to each circuit connect the DENALI connectors like the image below:
Two Wire:
If your device has two wires going to each circuit connect the DENALI connects like the image below:

Your Configuration selection will determine which color circuit you will want to attached DENALI connectors to

If you prefer to crimp on new connectors rather than solder on the old ones, we do have them available for purchase.

Hope this helps.

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