Denali DM/D4 Optic removal technique

These are Gen1 photo examples, but the process remains for Gen2.

To remove and replace/adjust the optics in a DM or D4 light pod the process is the same after the bezel and lens assembly is removed. 

Tools needed:

  • 2.5mm Allen key (included with light kit)
  • small flat bladed Screwdriver

There is a white surround that the clear optics are held in place by. There are small slots in 3 places in the white surround. Using the edge of a small screwdriver or pick, carefully pry upwards on the edge of the clear optic to unclip it from the surround. 

You should only need to do this in one place for it to pop free. 

To replace the optic, you just need to press it back into the surround(in the desired orientation of you are rotating the elliptical optics on the D4 pods in the pictures above. The DM optics do not have a specific direction the need to be oriented to).

All that's left to do is reverse the process of removing the bezel and lens. (blue liquid thread-lock is recommended to be used on the screws that hold the bezel in place)

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